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November 2015: New Album Press Release
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Flight Metaphor Media Coverage
Hear Nebraska: Flight Metaphor releases heavy self-titled album Saturday
“The Omaha quartet’s self-titled album isn’t lacking for thick sound or heartening message. From lead-laden “Tunnel Vision” to the soaring, mid-tempo “The Fight” to the crunchy “You’re There,” Flight Metaphor fills all corners of the album with beefy guitars, a heavy rhythm section and frontman Mike Harvat’s earnest vocals. Even ballads like “Hold Fast” and “Heavy Soul” pop and crescendo at their conclusions.”

Omaha World Herald: Band of the Week
“Recorded over three years, Flight Metaphor’s latest full-length album is a bright rock record that covers darkness and struggle but also hope and light. Brothers Mike and Bill Harvat recruited guitarist Cody Villarreal and bassist Bradley Tyler Moore before making the album.”

Hear Nebraska: Weekend Coverage from Reverb Lounge
“A stand out of their set was “Draw Your Lines” which starts with an almost tremolo-picked guitar riff before opening up with heavy floor tom drumming and concluding with an ecstatic, upbeat chorus. They also tossed in covers of the Foo Fighters and Jimmy Eat World (both of whom are big influences). It was fun to see the drummer pounding away on “My Hero” while wearing a Foo Fighters t-shirt.”

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